Where were you 19 years ago?

The day for me started like a normal one. I was living with my parents, I awoke on a late summer Nebraska morning. I prepared for work in the call center of the first insurance company I worked for. My fiancé (now husband) and I were a mere 11 days from saying “I do”, butContinue reading “Where were you 19 years ago?”

Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist!

The faster you realize this unfortunate but true truth, the sooner you can proceed with discovering Mr. Close-Enough-To-Perfect. Prince Charming, … Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist! I saw this article this morning, and the headline is most certainly true. Perfect does not exist. However, I will say “perfect for me” does. My husband and IContinue reading “Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist!”

My dog is a jerk sometimes

I may have mentioned…Jazzy is part lab, part chow. The older she gets, the more chow she becomes temperament-wise. Don’t get me wrong…she’s never met a human that wasn’t instantly her very best friend. The only experience she has with cats is the experience she’s had with Disney…and she’s not sure what to think aboutContinue reading “My dog is a jerk sometimes”

Have yourself a Happy Birthday – even in the midst of a pandemic

Today is my husband’s birthday. In years past, we’ve celebrated by golfing, taking a day trip, and many other activities different from the daily norm. With COVID-19 however… and the fact that it’s Tuesday… daily norm is about all we can do at this point. We’re both working from home during this time, and heContinue reading “Have yourself a Happy Birthday – even in the midst of a pandemic”