Soul-searching uncomfort

My weekend habit since we had our deck rebuilt and expanded is to sit outside with coffee and read. I enjoy reading very much, and with the Goodreads app and yearly reading challenge, I’m trying to do more of it. This post is not sponsored by Goodreads in any way, I just wanted to mentionContinue reading “Soul-searching uncomfort”

A Mouse and a Mermaid

Before quarantine, when my husband and I were both driving to our places of employment on a daily basis, rather than walking a few steps (for him) or down our basement stairs (for me….don’t worry, it’s a walkout basement and doesn’t feel like a basement at all), he had a weekly habit of going throughContinue reading “A Mouse and a Mermaid”

When “leaving it at the door” is impossible

I’ll admit it. I’m a middle-aged woman. I was raised in an era where hard work was everything, work ethic was important, and the true mark of a professional was the ability to leave home issues at home and work issues at work. What does a person do, though, when you’re a textbook over-thinker, andContinue reading “When “leaving it at the door” is impossible”

My dog is a jerk sometimes

I may have mentioned…Jazzy is part lab, part chow. The older she gets, the more chow she becomes temperament-wise. Don’t get me wrong…she’s never met a human that wasn’t instantly her very best friend. The only experience she has with cats is the experience she’s had with Disney…and she’s not sure what to think aboutContinue reading “My dog is a jerk sometimes”

Getting my day started

Like many people, my favorite way to start the day is with a caffeinated beverage. Saying “caffeinated”, I certainly don’t mean some canned energy drink. I’m old school…coffee or tea is my preference…more often coffee. Hot coffee. Hot black coffee. My favorite coffee is Chocolate Hazelnut from a local coffee shop here, brewed in myContinue reading “Getting my day started”

Have yourself a Happy Birthday – even in the midst of a pandemic

Today is my husband’s birthday. In years past, we’ve celebrated by golfing, taking a day trip, and many other activities different from the daily norm. With COVID-19 however… and the fact that it’s Tuesday… daily norm is about all we can do at this point. We’re both working from home during this time, and heContinue reading “Have yourself a Happy Birthday – even in the midst of a pandemic”