My Second Video is Live!

My second Video is a tour of my vanity table

I’ve been a makeup “junkie” for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite toys as a child was the Barbie “Bust” with hair you could style and fake makeup you could put on her over and over and over again.

I would say my general makeup “style” is classic, however, once a year, on Easter, I step out on the wild side and do a “Rainbow Eye” look with silver glitter liner and the whole bit. Sephora is one of my favorite stores, but it has to be a free-standing Sephora, not one of those “Sephora inside JC Penney” departments. Yes. There is a difference between the two. With the Pandemic this year, my shopping has been completed online, and with the two-day shipping available from Sephora, it’s just like Christmas every time a box arrives.

As far as social media (especially YouTube) goes, I’m not your typical “personality”. I’m not thin, and I’m definitely not twenty-something. To be honest, I did a lot of soul searching before I actually published the video, and I address the thought that I initially felt “too old” to be sharing my makeup collection. As I mentioned in the video, however, beauty itself is timeless. My makeup style has refined as I’ve become more chronologically advanced, and I’ve determined that I have some brands I really look to for great performance.

Seeing my collection as I put the video together, I’m proud of it. It’s a collection I’ve curated over the years, and while I don’t use everything all the time, each piece of the collection has a story or special meaning for me. I hope, if you take time to watch, that you enjoy the video, if for nothing else, about 15 minutes of peace and calm. Cheers!

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