Coming Soon…to a Screen near you

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started and rocked everyone’s world (not in a good way), I find myself at home….a lot….all day, every day as a matter of fact, with a few exceptions of running small, short errands.

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I’m an Introvert, so the thought of staying at home all the time doesn’t bother me, although I do long to be able to travel again. With the time that I’m not running around, however, I have found my mind wandering to find some sort of creative outlet. I started journaling recently, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit. I get to use my love of art in that pursuit as well, as I will typically do some word art to go with my entry, and occasionally, I will print pictures on my polaroid zip printer and stick them in my journal to serve as illustrations for my entries. Journaling is fine. It lets me get concerns out of my head and onto paper where they do much less damage and don’t cause severe overthinking, lack of sleep, and other tragic events.

As an introvert, I can say with all honesty, I do miss people. Some of my favorite times over the past few months have been when we’ve socialized with friends, typically over Zoom, and we’re just starting to get together with friends and family in person again…in very controlled circumstances for the safety of us all. In an effort to connect with people on a wider scale and maintain appropriate guidelines in a big way, I’m going to try to launch a You Tube Channel!

As I think about it, I’m terrified and excited all at the same time. I watch YouTube, typically when I’m looking for instructions on how to do something I haven’t done before, but I also enjoy lifestyle videos. They’re relaxing, calming, and don’t take up too much headspace. That will be my goal as well. To provide calming conversation and entertainment. If it grows, great. If not, that’s ok as well. The terrified part of me isn’t sure that I’m interesting enough for people to sit down and watch on a regular basis. I guess I can only try for awhile. It’s not a huge commitment of time or money, so why not?

The best thing that could come from it is I find myself part of a virtual community of like-minded individuals all over the world and, eventually, I could maybe earn enough money to meet some really big goals and make some dreams come true for myself and my family. The worst thing is that I decide it’s not for me, and pull the channel down..or no one watches my content. I’m going to sit down and try to plan some content for the next few weeks and set up a filming schedule. Here…as they say…goes nothin’!


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