A Mouse and a Mermaid

*insert happy sigh here*

Before quarantine, when my husband and I were both driving to our places of employment on a daily basis, rather than walking a few steps (for him) or down our basement stairs (for me….don’t worry, it’s a walkout basement and doesn’t feel like a basement at all), he had a weekly habit of going through the Dunkin’ drive-thru and grabbing some breakfast and a big iced tea. Once we were at home, for the first few weeks, we didn’t go ANYWHERE because places were closed…and we were concerned about this virus that’s taken our world by storm. To be honest, we still don’t feel comfortable enough to go out often for more than absolute necessities and being out for very long is just unsettling to me….classic introvert. If we’re being completely honest, Introvert Empath. My husband is a strong Extrovert, so this quarantine has been tougher on him than on me.

Anyway, he was kind enough to include me in “Dunkin Day” until I figure out that I don’t like the eggs that Dunkin serves. Since then, he still goes to Dunkin if I don’t want to participate, but if I do, he’ll go to Starbucks for me instead. He benefits too, considering he LOVES Starbucks black tea, no sweetener and can get a Trenta.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a coffee junkie, and last night, I re-did my “coffee corner” in my kitchen, switching out my Mr. Coffee and single-cup basket brewer for the Keurig that we’ve been storing in the basement. I flushed out the lines with straight vinegar several times, then flushed and rinsed with clean water and it’s good as new.

I love supporting local businesses, and our local coffee shops here are hidden gems in our community. This morning, I brewed some Chocolate Hazelnut coffee from one such gem into one of my beloved Disney mugs and enjoyed my bacon and cheese sandwich from Starbucks. On my deck. My day started the best way it could….with a Mouse and a Mermaid.

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