My dog is a jerk sometimes

Jazzy “on-guard” – big hair, big bark

I may have mentioned…Jazzy is part lab, part chow. The older she gets, the more chow she becomes temperament-wise. Don’t get me wrong…she’s never met a human that wasn’t instantly her very best friend. The only experience she has with cats is the experience she’s had with Disney…and she’s not sure what to think about that. Other dogs, however, are a different story. She’s always been the “race ‘em, chase’em” type of dog, which we thought was fine until we had her boarded over a long weekend and we got a call that she had bitten another dog and took a small nick out of the ear of the dog she was fighting with. After that, any time we board her, she’s on her own with playtime with staff only, no other dogs.

She also chases squirrels, rabbits, and birds, and gets into it with neighbor dogs as well. We took her through training when she was younger, and she has retained a lot of what she learned, but the truly important things, like recall, and getting her attention focused back on me and not on distractions, is something we failed at. Our trainer told us during class on more than one occasion that she was there to train us just as much as the dog.

Does this look like the face of a jerk to you?

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