Getting my day started

Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

Like many people, my favorite way to start the day is with a caffeinated beverage. Saying “caffeinated”, I certainly don’t mean some canned energy drink. I’m old school…coffee or tea is my preference…more often coffee. Hot coffee. Hot black coffee.

My favorite coffee is Chocolate Hazelnut from a local coffee shop here, brewed in my home. It’s less expensive than going out for coffee everyday, and I get to use my beloved Disney mugs. I also love Disney-inspired coffees, available from Joffrey’s and Expedition Roasters. While I do enjoy iced coffee, cold-brew, fancy macchiatos, frappes, and more, there’s something so magical about that first sip of hot coffee touching my soul.

I’m picky about tea as well. I prefer a wild berry, cherry, or raspberry unsweetened tea, either hot or iced. Tropical fruit flavors I prefer in iced tea, and tea that’s too sweet is just an abomination in my opinion. English breakfast tea is reserved for when I’m not feeling well, and this is the only time I want lemon in my tea, (unless it is, of course, lemon ginger tea), and just want a comforting warm beverage, and Peppermint Tea is one of my favorite teas, hot or cold, any time of the day or night. I also take my tea without sugar, lemon, or milk.

Sunrise over the Gulf in Orange Beach, AL

I recently subscribed to a monthly box of tea from Just by taking a quiz covering topics on my preferences on things like caffeine, sweetness, flavors, etc. and Sipsby selects 4 teas for me to try and rate so they know more about me and how to customize future boxes. I’ve been very pleased so far, and one of my best friends is also a subscriber, so we share teas and get to try a lot of options.

My August Sipsby Tea Varieties

My husband is a pure iced tea purist. No flavors, no sweetener, the bigger the better, the more ice, the better. Lipton is his favorite by far.

One of my oldest, and most favorite, mugs

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