Have yourself a Happy Birthday – even in the midst of a pandemic

Today is my husband’s birthday. In years past, we’ve celebrated by golfing, taking a day trip, and many other activities different from the daily norm. With COVID-19 however… and the fact that it’s Tuesday… daily norm is about all we can do at this point. We’re both working from home during this time, and he worked yesterday, but has taken the rest of the week off. He’s going to visit his brother and sister-in-law this next weekend, and I’m staying home to take care of the fur children.

He got up this morning and treated himself to a round of golf at one of his favorite courses in the area, had lunch with his mom, and came home and tried to take a nap. Disney had other ideas, however, and kept reminding him that she hadn’t had her wet food for the day yet. I worked. We ordered sushi for dinner, which is always a great treat. Yes…I would have rather taken him out for a beautiful steak dinner, but we’re really just not ready to venture down that path yet. A lot of the restaurants in our town are doing a great job being as safe and responsible as possible, but our main concern is the other patrons. There will be time for fancy dinners in the future.

After dinner, we came out to sit on our deck and enjoy the slight breeze. While the day hasn’t been anything fancy, he says it was still a good day. Every day with him is a great day for me. Please join me in raising a glass (shot, wine, highball, water, or mug) in toasting my wonderful husband on a very MEH birthday. Next year will be better.

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